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Compound product section

  • CPC process

    CPC process

    ・Work rolls for hot-strip mill finishing trains

    ・Wrapper rolls for down coilers of hot-strip mills

    ・Rolls for bars and wire rod mills

  • re-birth of CPC roll
  • Overlay Welding

    Overlay Welding

    ・Coal grinding rolls

    ・Pinch rolls in bloom continuous casting (cc) machines

    ・Pinch rolls for pickling lines

    ・Side guide rollers

  • Thermal spraying

    Thermal Spraying Products

    ・Process rolls in a steel coating line

    ・Work site repair of OG hoods at a BOF plant

    ・Screw in sludge drying equipment

  • Cast Welding

    Cast Welding

    ・Blades for rotary crushers at crushing plates

    ・Plates at sinter plants

    ・Liners in continuous-type unloaders

  • MaSSC

    MaSSC Products
    (Only Japanese)

    ・MaSSC Shield tiles

    ・MaSSC Clean

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