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Sendai Factory

photo:Sendai factory

We can aid production at a wide range of customer facilities, such as at steel-making plants, environment-related plants, and industrial machining works.

With an integrated engineering system, we can provide products and services from design to installation, based on a continuous operation.
Customer requests for automation, labor reduction, and cost-savings are well-satisfied through our creativity and vitality, heralding a new epoch.

  • Site area:
  • Factory building area:
  • Administration buildingfloor area:
  • Main equipment
    • Large horizontal boring machine:2
    • Length-type milling machine:2
    • Lathe:4
    • Radial drilling machine:1
    • Key sheeter:1
    • Vertical pressing machine:1
    • Automatic welding equipment:1
    • High-speed-flame thermal spraying equipment (JP-5000):1
    • Assembly rail surface plate:1
    • Cooling machine:1
    • Shot blast machine:1
  • Cranes
    • 30-t Crane:1
    • 10-t Crane:2
    • 5-t Crane:1
    • 2.8-t Crane:3
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