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San-yo Factory

photo:San-yo factory

San-yo factory is one of our main factories and is home to many kinds of hardfacing processes, such as the CPC process, cast welding, and large-size liners (EST series).

In cooperation with the R&D center, this factory is carrying forward development in the special casting field.
Furthermore as machining and assembling equipment are also installed, we always make doubly sure of quality control.

  • Site area:
  • Factory building area:
  • Administration building floor area:
  • Main equipment:
    • CPC equipment:2
    • Roll automatic welding
    • Narrow-gap welding machine:1
    • Furnace for heat-treating:6
    • EST liner-/-cast iron manufacturing equipment:1
    • Large-sized general-purpose
    • Lathe (wide use and NC) lathe:12
    • Large-sized CNC roll grinding machine:1
    • Super finisher equipment:1
    • Moving balance testing machine:1
    • Ultrasonic equipment that can automatically look for cracks:1
    • Luminescence Spectrum
      Analysis equipment:1
    • X-ray remaining-stress measuring device:1
  • Cranes
    • 20-t Crane:2
    • 4.8-t Crane:4
    • 2.8-t Crane:3
    • 2.8-t Wall:2
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